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element61 has had its own Social Responsibility program since its start in 2007

Sven preparing bikes for Pirlewiet Summercamp

ESG & Social Responsibility, Diversity & Inclusion

element61 is committed to Corporate Social Responsibility, ESG, Diversity & Inclusion. It’s in our DNA to contribute and invest in improving society and look for solutions that support those improvements.  

Since its start in 2007, element61's team has been supporting Pirlewiet - an organization that provides holidays for children and families living in poverty in Belgium - both financially and logistically. Each year, our team is invited to help during working hours and has spent over 530-man-days in the camp activities. So far, our lifetime financial contribution amounts to 135.000 €.

Hereunder, you will get a feel of the work the element61 team does to help Pirlewiet.

element61 also participates in the ESG initiatives of its partners. In 2021, we signed the Microsoft Partner Pledge, which focuses on 5 critical goals:

> Digital Skills to prepare for the challenges of the Fourth Industrial Revolution > Apprenticeships to provide promising, motivated people with an opportunity to kickstart a fulfilling career > Diversity of the technology workforce > Ensure that AI is developed and implemented in a Responsible & Ethical way > Sustainability and reducing the carbon footprint By signing the charter, element61 commits to work around these goals which perfectly match with the initiatives already taken by the company.

ESG Initiatives by element61

Digital Skills

element61 supports BE Code AI Bootcamp program via use cases, guest lectures, education and internships.


element61 offers a list of traineeships each year.

Diversity of the technology workforce

Last year element61 grew by 25%. A mix of young and experienced people joined our team, with lots of attention to gender equality and diversity.

AI in a responsible and ethical way

In everything we do, we will be safeguarding the AI principles of Accountability, Fairness, Inclusiveness, Privacy & Security, Reliability & Safety and Transparency. 

Focus on sustainability

We are bringing organisations to the cloud, which positively impacts the carbon emission of our customers. At element61, we are introducing electrical vehicles, bike leasing and investing in local and regional nice working environments so people can significantly reduce their home-work distance.