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Floriant Sturm

Senior Data Scientist since September 2019 Graduated in 2019 – Master Business Engineering in Data Science – KU Leuven

Floriant Sturm

As I am almost entering my 6th year at element61, I am compelled to reflect on this incredible journey filled with growth, learning, and countless memorable experiences. Time has flown by, and looking back, I am profoundly grateful for the opportunities and the amazing people that have shaped my professional life.

 Five years ago, as a Business Engineering – Data Science student from KU Leuven, I joined element61 with eagerness and a passion for Data Science and Strategy. What initially drew me in was a referral from a contact in the sports world who spoke highly of the smart minds at element61. Little did I know that this connection would lead to an internship during the last semester of my master and, eventually, a full-time position that set the stage for a dynamic career.

 From day one, I felt strongly aligned with the internal culture at element61. The collaborative spirit, the emphasis on continuous learning, and the freedom to explore diverse roles within Data Analytics created an environment where I could thrive. What sets element61 apart is the unique approach to opportunities – there was never a need to push for new challenges; they organically presented themselves as a result of dedication and passion.

 Over the past 4.5 years, I've worn many hats – from a data strategist in CDP/DMP projects to roles as varied as Data Engineer, DevOps Engineer, ML Engineer, and Data Scientist. The versatility of experiences broadened my skill set and allowed me to take on more senior roles within projects, guiding juniors, and sharing knowledge – a role I've come to cherish.

 One of my journey's most exciting and rewarding phases unfolded with the evolution around generative AI. Seizing the opportunity, I immersed myself in the topic, eventually becoming the technical lead for all AI and generative AI-related applications and use cases. This trajectory is a testament to the trust and encouragement that element61 places in its employees to explore and lead in areas of interest.

 Beyond the professional growth, what truly makes element61 exceptional is the sense of community and camaraderie. The workplace is not just about projects and tasks; it's about shared laughter, collaborative moments, and the understanding that life should not be too serious.

 As I mark this significant milestone, I want to express my heartfelt gratitude to each member of the element61 family. Thank you for the opportunities, the challenges, the laughter, and the support. Here's to the last five years and to many more ahead!

 Cheers to the journey!