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Justine Hanssens

Justine Hanssens - Analytics Architect since August 2021 Graduated in 2021 - Master Business Engineering in Data Analytics - UGent

Justine Hanssens

I pursued my studies in Business Engineering at Ghent University, and throughout my academic journey, I engaged in two internships, culminating in a valuable experience in the field of consultancy. This exposure led me to choose element61, where I currently work as a Business Analytics Architect.

What I cherish most about my role is the diversity it offers. Each day, I collaborate with different clients, immersing myself in various corporate cultures and business processes. This dynamic environment not only hones my analytical skills but also provides a unique opportunity to understand and contribute to the distinctive challenges each client faces. Working at element61 has not only broadened my professional horizons but has also allowed me to continuously learn and adapt in a rapidly evolving industry. During the two and a half years working for element61, I had the privilege of engaging with over 10 clients across various business units and industries. My portfolio encompassed a diverse range of projects, spanning from fundamental Power BI reporting and comprehensive business process analysis to the development of intricate data models.

One notable accomplishment was building the end-to-end establishment of Procurement & Transportation reporting in Power BI for a prominent multinational chemical company based in Belgium. In addition to this, I assumed responsibility for workspace management and implemented robust data governance practices within the Power BI environment.

In another venture with a leading Belgian media company, we initiated marketing reporting in a B2B context. I adeptly gathered and interpreted business requirements, tailoring Power BI reports to precisely meet these needs. In addition, I played a crucial role in data modeling. The reporting, situated within the intricate landscape of digital B2B marketing, demanded a keen grasp of business intricacies.

For a distinguished Belgium-based shipping company, I spearheaded the capture of business requirements, crafted Power BI reports, and implemented data governance measures within the Power BI framework. Additionally, I made significant contributions to a data science initiative focused on predicting optimal times for vessel cleaning, aiming to minimize fuel consumption—a project that underscored my commitment to innovation and efficiency in maritime operations.

In addition to the stimulating projects, what truly sets element61 apart is the incredible team spirit. My colleagues create a collaborative atmosphere where everyone is approachable and open to questions. The mutual respect we share not only fosters a positive work environment but also contributes significantly to our collective success. It's a pleasure to work alongside such dedicated and supportive professionals.

The collaborative and innovative ethos of the company aligns seamlessly with my aspirations, making element61 not just a workplace but a dynamic community where I can contribute meaningfully to our clients' success stories.