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Konstantin Lazarov

Analytics Architect since September 2023 Graduated in 2023 - Master Business Engineering in Data Analytics - UGent

Konstantin Lazarov

Hi there! I'm Konstantin, a young graduate with a deep passion for data, AI, and problem-solving. Following my graduation from Ghent University as a Business Engineer specializing in Data Analytics in June 2023, and after a summer of adventures, I embarked on a new chapter at element61 as an Analytics Architect in September 2023.

The initial weeks were a fantastic journey through a well-structured onboarding process. Filled with engaging trainings, workshops, and a thrilling hackathon to cap it all off. These weeks were all about laying the groundwork for both technical data skills and non-technical consulting finesse. What made it even better was the freedom I had to cherry-pick my trainings, coupled with the chance to earn my first certificates, all while having a dedicated buddy/coach by my side for guidance.

These onboarding weeks weren't just about honing skills; they were also the perfect setting to acquaint me with my new colleagues, both in formal and informal settings 😉. Lunches, dinners, after-work gatherings, and a delightful 3-day team-building escapade to Düsseldorf made sure that bonds were forged beyond the confines of the workplace.

Post-onboarding, I dived headfirst into my first project, where the focus was on automated API ingestion using Databricks and a modern data platform. I found myself surrounded by a team of seasoned professionals who not only welcomed my input but made me feel like a valuable member from the get-go. As if that wasn't exciting enough, a parallel project on outlier detection in IoT data kicked off, offering a unique perspective and a different way of working. Soon after, a third project centred around internal data migration was added to the dynamic mix.

What I find most exhilarating about my current role is the sheer variety of tasks, the fast-paced environment, and the independence I was granted right from day one. Successfully contributing to three projects within my first few months feels incredibly rewarding.

The element61 team is not just a group of colleagues; they're approachable, helpful individuals regardless of seniority or experience. It's an environment where I can grow, stay challenged, and maintain a healthy work-life balance – something that holds immense value for me.

Having previously interned at element61 in the summer of 2022 provided me with valuable insights into the company's operations. I immediately sensed the alignment between element61's goals and mine. But I wanted to be sure of my choice, so I explored other options and received multiple offers after applying to different companies, I ultimately chose element61. I genuinely believe I'm part of a special company that prioritizes delivering high-quality projects and taking care of its employees 😊.