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Pieter-Jan Cnudde

Analytics Analyst since September 2023 Graduated in 2023 - Master in Business Economics - KU Leuven

Pieter-Jan Cnudde

As I approached the final year of my Master's program in Statistics and Data Science, I began the exciting journey of applying for positions as a data scientist/analyst in various companies. It was during the career dinner organized by element61 in the charming setting of Hoorn in Leuven that I first crossed paths with the company. Right from the start, I sensed a work ethic and atmosphere at element61 that resonated closely with my expectations for my first job.

Engaging in insightful conversations with both young and seasoned professionals at element61 during the event, I found their perspectives and experiences compelling. These interactions left a lasting impression on me, compelling me to pursue opportunities within the organization.

Upon submitting my application for a position as a data scientist, the quick response from element61 was remarkable. I was promptly invited for an initial interview with Peter, followed by a second and final interview all within the same week. This efficient application process stood out and contrasted with the lengthy waiting periods I had encountered in several other job applications.

During my onboarding at element61, I experienced exceptional guidance and received training in relevant topics from experts within the company. Each new hire was provided with a personalized development plan. This plan proved invaluable in orienting myself during the initial weeks and clarifying where to focus my efforts. Additionally, having a dedicated coach available added a personal touch to the onboarding experience. At the end of the training period, element61 organized a hackathon, where all the starters were divided in different teams. This event provided a wonderful opportunity to showcase the skills acquired during the training month.

As I transitioned from onboarding to active involvement in real-life projects, element61's supportive environment became even more evident. The gradual increase in responsibilities, coupled with the opportunity to work for actual clients, facilitated continuous learning. The accessibility of experts within the company created a conducive atmosphere for seeking guidance and asking questions at any point. In conclusion, element61 has not only provided a solid foundation for my professional growth but has also fostered an environment where curiosity and learning thrive. The company's commitment to the development and well-being of its employees has made my entry into the professional world an enriching and fulfilling experience.