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At element61, we care about the balance between work and personal life

Bart working from his home office

Work-Life Balance

In the section about our benefits, you can find more information about our compensation package. To create a healthy, durable working environment, where our people find balance between work and their personal life, we have taken multiple initiatives over the years: 

Work and personal life


Next to legal holidays, we have 12 Paid Compensatory Rest Days. Thanks to our Fit Reward Cafetaria Plan, you can take up to 10 extra holidays (leading to 42 holidays). It is also possible to take additional unpaid leave, whenever needed (eg. when you just left university or want to travel for 4 months). 

Holidays & working hours flexibility

Holidays can be taken in days or hours to give you the maximum of flexibility you need. Next to this, we have flexible working hours. 

Flexible working space

You choose your working space, whether this is your own home or one of our many offices to work together with your team members, when not working at your clients' location.